Sending an email using few lines of codes is nothing if you know how SMTP works. Anybody can do email marketing using Gmail or Outlook. But as an email marketer with a little bit programming knowledge can do even more. Basically you can automate your newsletter sending process easily if…

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What does it really mean by natural language processing?

Natural Language Processing, NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence. It deals with understanding, analyzing, and generating the languages that humans use naturally. We can use NLP to create an interface with computers in both written and spoken contexts using natural human languages instead of…

This article is about the startup process of Linux operating systems. For the kernel, see Linux kernel.

Few moments after pressing the power button once, you will see the Linux login prompt. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes until the Linux login prompt appears?

Linux boot sequence
Linux boot sequence

Linux distributions are…

Problem statement: Match-Making and finding physically matching partners are some untouched problems in the society. So these problems are making unstable bonds between people. People strongly believe their horoscope, fate and their outlook before making any connection with one another. But I hardly believe that the most valuable reasons for…

Abstract — In the past decade, Internet of Things has been a focus of research. Security and privacy are the key issues for Internet of Things applications, and still face some challenges. One of the key challenges for the realization of the Internet of Things includes security challenges, especially in…



Use the package manager [pip] to install nltk.
pip install nltk


import bs4 as bs

import urllib.request

import re

import heapq


scraped_data = urllib.request.urlopen(‘')
article =

parsed_article = bs.BeautifulSoup(article,’lxml’)

paragraphs = parsed_article.find_all(‘p’)

# Removing Square Brackets and Extra Spaces
article_text = re.sub(r’\[[0–9]*\]’, ‘ ‘, article_text)
article_text = re.sub(r’\s+’…

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